Guests – What to Expect

We have two services on Sunday mornings
Traditional Service Contemporary Service
11 AM 8:30 AM
More formal attire More casual attire
typically choir music typically led by a praise band

VIP Outing

Our VIP group is taking an outing to the Zoo this Saturday.  Call the church office for more details.

Wednesday Night Activities

May 6 – Mission Recognition
May 13 – Magician in the Family Life Center
May 20 -
Michael and Crystal Goforth share on Costa Rica.
Becky Shenton shares on Nepal.
May 20 – Last Wednesday night activity for a while.

Opportunity: Adult Discpleship

“Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”
Sounds nice, but how do we find rest in a 24/7 world?  Just as the Hebrews were slaves in Egypt, we have become slaves to technology.  Our technological tools allow 24-hour productivity and connectivity, give us more control, and subtlety enslave us to busyness itself.  Sabbath is about restraint, about intentionally not doing everything all the time just because we can. Setting aside a day of rest helps us reconnect with our Creator and find the peace of God that passes all understanding.  The Sabbath is about letting go of the controls one day a week and letting God be God.  So how do we do it?

In his book, “24/6,” Dr. Matthew Sleeth describes our symptoms, clarifies the signs, diagnoses the illness, and lays out a simple plan for living a healthier, more God-centered life in a digitally-dazed, always-on world.  Dr. Sleeth shares how his own family was dramatically transformed when it adopted Sabbath practices and helps readers better understand how their own lives can be transformed – physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually – by adopting the 24/6 lifestyle.

Join us for four weeks of thoughtful discussion, enhanced by a DVD featuring Dr. Sleeth, beginning Sunday, April 12th at 6 PM in Room C-112.  The cost of the books is just $10.00.  See Doug Shenton, Minister of Discipleship & Outreach, to sign up.

My Jesus is Alive!

Christ is risen!  Rejoice!  The grave could not contain Jesus, our Lord.

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Secretary’s Day

April 22nd, is secretary’s day.  Please don’t forget to thank the various secretaries who help make all our lives smoother.



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