Meet Our New Members

Ben Thompson

Joined 2/9/20, by Baptism

Mary Mellette Wham

Joined 2/9/20, by Profession of Faith

Drew, Melanie, Cate, Anna Watson

Joined by Letter Dec. 22nd, 2019

Zealy Martin

Joined by Profession of Faith September 29th, 2019

Carter Gregory

Joined by Baptism August 4th, 2019

Tim & Kim Workman

Jim & Kim Joined by Letter July 14th, 2019, Karlie Joined by Profession of Faith. Also pictured, Parker Workman

Logan Martin (w/ parents Berry & Ashley)

Joined by Profession September 8th, 2019

Anna Carter Hunt

Profession of Faith, 1/15/20

Kaden Moses

Profession of Faith, 1/15/20

Nolan Boozer

Joined By Baptism, September 23rd

Travis & Emily Plowden

Travis (letter) and Emily Plowden (statement), Joined March 12, 2018

Austin Gardner

Joined By Baptism, November 18th, 2018

Houston and Lindsay Roper

Joined by Letter Dec. 22nd, 2019

Abigail Farmer

Joined, By Profession of Faith, March 12th, 2018

Andrew Torres

Joined by Profession August 18th, 2019

Cameron & Lauren Truelock with Marlee

Joined by Baptism July 16th, 2017 

Earl and Becky Lewis

Joined by Letter September 15th, 2019

Jack Adair

Joined by Profession June 16th, 2019

Stan Owings

Returning Member, March 24th, 2019

Doug Hendrick

Joined by Baptism June 9, 2019

Buddy Baker

Joined By Profession of Faith, November 11th

Linda Staton

Joined by Letter May 12th, 2019

Don Durden & Kat McKinney

with Luke Durden

Joined by Baptism October 22, 2017 

Rebecca King

Joined by Baptism February 19th, 2017

Stacy & Andrea Curtis

Joined By Letter and Henry Curtis Joined By Profession July 1st, 2018

Kathy & Rhett Woods

Joined by Statement & Baptism December 10, 2017 

Ava Sanford

Joined March 27th, 2017

John David & Danielle Bell

Joined August 20th, 2017  (Pictured with children Sean, Kaelyn, Liam, & Rylee)

CJ & Taylor Noel

Joined October 15th, 2017  

Diana Cathey

Joined by Letter March 4, 2018

Vance and Mary Ramage

Joined May 7th, 2017

Jimmy and Donna Davis

Joined March 5th, 2017

William & Stephanie Rann

William Joined by Letter, Stephanie by Baptism June 4, 2017

Erick McGucken

Joined March 19th, 2017

Mark & Cyndi McMahan

Joined by Letter, June 4, 2017

Brian and Susan Maddux

Joined by Letter December 31, 2017 

Caysen Coats

Joined by Baptism February 12th, 2017

Anna Grace Chandler

Joined by Baptism October 8th, 2017

Carson and Jaydon Glenn

Joined by Baptism May 6, 2018

Max Sasser

Joined by Baptism June 17, 2018

Ava Wynne Castaneda

Joined by Baptism March 11, 2018

Luke MacMurray

Joined by Baptism May 6, 2018

Eric and Katie Bagwell

Joined July 8th, 2018

Jerry & Sharon Reno

Joined By Baptism and Letter, July 15, 2018

Janie Mullinax,

Joined August 15th, 2017

Donavan Bennett

Joined by Baptism 

November 12, 2017 

Cade Lyda

Joined by Baptism March 5, 2018 

Terry & Emily Campbell

Joined By Letter July 15th, 2018

Doreen Hallford

Joined February 17, 2019 by Letter

Owen Glenn

Joined By Profession of Faith, November 11th

Abby McMurray

Joined by Baptism May 6, 2018

Jude Castaneda

Joined by Baptism March 11, 2018

Christina Goforth

Joined by Baptism March 10th, 2019

Cecelia Bailey

Joined by Letter June 9, 2019

Alvin Donnan

Joined by Letter January 1st, 2019

Addy Pitts

Joined by Letter January 14, 2018

Caleb and Joey Lark

Joined by Baptism March 11, 2018

Tyler Watts

Joined by Baptism June 9, 2019

Corey & Amber Graydon with Emmett and Roman

Joined by Letter, March 3rd, 2019

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